First Photoshoot

Hai guys and galss!
I wanted to share with you all my fashion-shoot experience!
It wasn't a big photoshoot or something, it was just for my school's event that I joined a year ago (When I was at 10th grade)! The Event was "Lord & Lady" and we had a photoshoot, most liked photo will win the "Best Photogenic"
It was taken in an Art Museum, the theme was Vintage, so it was a really vintage-ish, simple photoshoot. Here some of my shoot that I had done...

I wasn't that great of a model lol i know

I was styled by my senior who is veeeery talented, but my make up was done by my amazing mom. I had a really natural make-up, cause back then I was afraid I'd look like a clown if i put too much make up on. At the photoshoot, I was so nervous because I never had a photoshoot before (Although, I knew it wasn't a professional shoot). After all, I was, and still am that girl who gets nervous easily. But, when it was my turn for the shoot, I had so much fun because everyone was so nice and fun and supportive! My senior would directed what poses should I did, and it was GREAT!
I was the only girl that did a pose on a table, and I thought I looked pretty cool, eh? (lol)

When the shoot is done, they edited it and posted it on Instagram, and we told our friends, family, relatives, pretty much everyone to liked our shoot and helped us to spread the word. The vote closed on February 14th, exactly on the Valentine's day. (Since the "Lord & Lady" is an event that my school held to celebrate Valentine's Day).
It definitely boost my confident! I feel more confident now since the photoshoot day! I had the best mentor that taught me about Runway, Photoshoot, and yeah, I was lucky.

(Picture was taken by my dear friend: A.M)


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