Hei wonderful peeps!
So, i'm kinda new at this but I'll be posting things about fashion, beauty, and my daily life thing, oh and food! be posting foodporn for sure!
If you'd like to know more about me:

Name: Viola Win
Nick-name: Vio, Viola
Born: 23 January 1999
I'm currently in High School right now, and i'm on 12th grade. I'm living in Makassar, Indonesia. I'll be graduate next year (I guess?). My passion is definitely in fashion, I wanna be a fashion-designer when I grow up. But I also have another hobby which is singing, it's my talent since i was a little girl. Some people said, I should be a singer instead. Well, I considered about it ONCE, because I thought "well, i'm pretty good at this thing and a lot of people support me so.."
But as I grew up (my first year in High School), I realize that I really have a deep interest in fashion and beauty. I want to be a stylist though at first, I love to mix-and-match a top with a short/skirt/pretty much anything. I love when two different colours match together and look pretty. I even looked online for styling college/univ because I was so excited, and guess what? I found it! So, I told my parents about it and my mom didn't approve. She said that 'being a stylist doesn't need to be in college/univ.' it was heart-breaking for sure that they didn't let me, but i didn't give up! for years, I find a way so they'll let me live my dreams.. what I want to be. So i figure "hmm.. I could be a fashion-design" I mean, as long as i'm working in the Fashion industry, right? I once thought "oh, maybe I should be make-up artist" but I finally came to a decision that, yep I wanna be a fashion-designer. So I told my parents and I insisted so they let me to take a design class. They finally approve and let me take a design class. And, it turned out to be a college-ish, so once i'm finished learning there i can get a certificate and if i want to continue to univ, they can get me a scholarship! how wonderful! So now, i'm currently taking a design class and learning more about fashion design. And i'll be posting more about it soon!
Besides fashion, I really love make-up and all beauty stuffs though. I find it very interesting! I love make-up (Not a really thick make up that end up makes you look like someone else) I think its cute! It makes you look more pretty for sure! (But beautiful comes from within girls! So, inner beauty is also important!)

That's about me for now, wait for the next post that I'll definitely post! Stay tuned yes?
See yaa!


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