BEAUTY 101: How to wash your face the RIGHT way :)

Hai fabulous readers!
Sorry I haven't posted anything! It's been quite a while..
So, today is all about beauty tips!
And the topic is all about your face!
Now, I want to share mistakes that we all often do when we wash our face! Yes, when you wash your face, don't wash it carelessly girls!

Mistakes we often/always do when washing our face:

I'm sure it's a habit of us (esp. us girls) to rub our face with towel after we finish washing our face.. but, let me tell ya, rubbing your face after washing your face is a big NO!
When you rub you face, it'll make your face irritation, as well as wrinkles because your face loses its elasticity due attracted by the towel. The best way to dry your face is by patting your face gently with a clean towel. Also, don't use your bath towel to your face, try to use another towel for your face only. (I personally use facial tissue instead of towel)

The most common mistake that happen when people wash their face is when they do not wash their hands first. I know this seems like it's nothing or not important. Because, when you pour your facial wash on your hand, your face is not 100% clean. Your facial wash will mix with bacteria in your hands and easily move into your face. Soooo, remember to wash your hands first before you wash your face!

You maybe think that washing you face too often is good for your face. You think it'll make your face more clean and bright and soft, but...
It is not, it's not good for your skin health! Why?
It will make your skin dry, and it will create an irritation on your face. And for an oily face, it will produce more oil on your face.
Just wash your face twice a day, In the morning, and at night before going to bed.

You may have heard that hot water is good, because it opens your pores, and cold water isn't good because it closes your pores. Well, that is not true, at all. Pores don't have muscle that can make it opens or closes.
So, do not use water that is too hot or too cold when you wash your face. Hot water can make your face dry, and cold water can damage the blood vessel (vein) on your face. The best water to use is warm water, not too hot and not too cold.

After you rub your facial wash to your face, don't rinse it too quickly. Let it on your face for a minute just to make sure that the facial wash really lift all the bacteria on your face. After a minute, rinse it with water until your face is clean.

Well, that's my tips for you all!
(+ Choose the right facial wash for your face too, don't choose it carelessly!)

I hope it helps!
See ya!


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