BEAUTY 101: Tips and tricks

Hi peeps!
I'm back with another beauty tips!
So today, we're going to talk about beauty tips and tricks about make up!

When you're trying a foundation/bb cream, and you're trying to find the perfect colour of foundation, do not test it on your cheeks, instead test it from the neck area to the jawline. This way it will get the same colour and you can decide which colour is perfect for your skin!

When you're using a pencil eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes, one thing you should do is to apply a thin layer of face powder underneath your eyeliner, it will create a barrier and it will prevent your eyeliner from run down!

Now, if you want a long-lasting lips, use your lipstick and then apply powder over it, this sucks up all the oil, and make your lipstick lasts all day! Yay!

Do you have a mascara that you don't use? Well, if you do.. don't throw it away!
You can reuse the mascara brush for other purpose. First, remove all the mascara on the mascara brush with a clean napkin, after that, wash it with warm water and soap, and pat it dry! You can spray some hair spray on it and fix your eyebrows!

If you have an oily skin, spray toner to your skin after make up
It helps rejuvenate your skin. The toner dries any oily make up, and you're ready to go!

If you want to use a natural lipstick colour, but you dont have one, don't you worry! You can create your own natural lipstick colour. How? Blend a little bit of your foundation with your red lipstick (make sure it's even/same ratio), and there you have it!

That's all my tips and tricks!
Hope it helps!
Thank you and see ya! ;)


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