Fashion Tips: Ripped Jeans DIY

Hii peeps!
So so so sorry I haven't posted anything for a week or 2... i guess?
I've been soo busy with school and endless projects, but so now I have time to finally update the blog!
Anyway, there's this computer subject's project where we have to make a blog, so me and my friends are going to make like a 'culinary' theme of blog, we don't really know yet, but it's all about food! So, stay tune!
Okay, I talked too much soo, lets get into our main topic for today.
And todayyy, *drum rolls* I'm going to share with you all my fashion tips!
So, do you guys have any jeans that you don't wear anymore because you find it boring time by time? Well, do not throw it away! You can 're-create' your own jeans, you can make it stylish, without having to spend your money! That's right, D.I.Y people! I'm going to share with you my Ripped Jeans D.I.Y!
Without further do, lets get started!

Now, the steps are:

*1: Prepare your tools.
You need to prepare a scissors/a cutter/both its up to you, a jeans, a pencil/chalk. Also a book, if you're using a cutter and tuck the book inside the jeans when you're cutting the jeans so it wont cut the back side of the jeans (In this tutorial D.I.Y, you might want to prepare a tweezers, but its really up to you though.)

*2: Draw line in your jeans on where do you want to cut it
It could be anywhere, its up to you, be crazy!
(Forgot to take a pic on this one, lol sorry)

*3: Cut, cut, cut!
Now, take your scissors/cutter and cut your jeans on the line that you've drawn.

*4: The 'half-way done' result!
Okay, it should be like this, (btw, I cutted my jeans with scissors)if you want a simple ripped jeans. You are done! But if you want something more unique and stylish, do not stop reading ;)

*5: Pull the string out
If you're confused with what i mean, just watch the video:
It's pretty hard at first, but after a while you'll get the hang of it! Just turn on your favorite TV Shows to keep you company!
After you're done with it, it should look like this:

Just do it wherever you want, it's easy and fun! And don't worry when you playing around and cutting it, at first it may look so messy and ugly but trust me, it's a beautiful messy. Once you put it on, it will look so dooope!

This is my own D.I.Y Ripped Jeans:

So, good luck trying and if you suceed making your own D.I.Y, make sure to let me know by tagging me in your pic at instagram! My username is: @violawin.23
Thanks all, and see ya!


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