I am back with more foodporn (YESSSS)!
So, recently I went to Jakarta for my cousin's wedding and while I was there I made the time to go to this cute cafe "Nanny's Pavillon"! And you know what?
The place was suupeerr unique! They designed it like a barn/farm? (Idk..) Anyway, the food was tastyyy, I personally like it and so, If you go to Jakarta make sure you check this place out! Btw, every food that I post is yummyyy (I guarantee) soo.......

Howard's Open Burger.
Nanny's home-made beef patty served on top of freshly made pancake, 
topped with mushroom, onion and jalapeno.

English breakfast tea
(The tea was still on the sachet that time)

Gweneth's Honey Mustard Chicken Wings & Bob's Buffalo Chicken Wings

Ynez's Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake
Cheese roll pancake with Nanny's special blueberry
sauce and ice cream.

So yeah, those were foods that I ordered, there are many many many other yummy food on their menu, so feel free to pick and choose! I hope you enjoy this time food diary, and see you on next post!

*Picture was taken by an iPhone's camera


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