Life/Beauty Hacks Every Girl 'SHOULD' Know!

What's up my fabulous readers!
Wooowww, i haven't posted anything in a month or so... I guess..
It's been a looongg timeee! Finallyy!
I've been so busy with school ya knoww, tests and assignments 24/7!
If I haven't told you yet... I'm in 12 grade now and I'm in a new class so it feels like i'm a newbie again lol my friends are all in the other class and i felt like i was stranded and it took me a while to adapt with the new kids in the class and finally i'm comfortable with them and i think they're legit da besssttt!!!
Oh, remember I once said that me and my friends are having a school project where we have to make a blog? Guess what?? It's up!! The link is on the end of this post!

Enough about mee.. Soo, I want to share with y'all some life hacks that girl SHOULD know because it is important and it definitely HELPS ME A LOT! soo yeahhh here it is...

1. To control 'wild brows' apply hair-spray to a toothbrush and then brush your brows upward and outward

2. When you're brushing your hair, start at the bottom of your hair to prevent split-ends

3. Smile when you're using lipstick to ensure complete coverage

4. Apply concealer to your outline lips to create a clearer and more define look

5. When you first wake up in the morning rub your lips with a warm water to remove any dead skin cells

6. When you're painting your nails, start from your pinky working your way toward your thumb to avoid brushing your hand across wet nails

7. Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, which can cause frizz, squeeze out the excess water with your hand and then wrap it up with a towel

8. Put your concelear under your eyes in a triangle shape instead of making three dots because when you are making triangle shape it blends a lot better and it looks a lot nicer

9. If you run out of eyeliner, don't worry! You can use mascara as your eyeliner, just take your eyeliner brush and brush it to the mascara-brush/wand and then apply it

10. If you want a natural look eyeliner you can use eyebrow pencil and it will create more natural look

11. If you want a bigger looking eyes, apply white eyeliner to your waterline

12. If you haven't washed your hair in 2 days or so and you don't have it to wash it, just use baby powder as a dry shampoo

13. Spray hair-spray to bobby pins so they will stay in place better

14. To get a nice scent on you hair, spray your favorite parfume to your brush and then brush it to your hair

15. Put your phone on an airplane mode while charging and it will charge faster

Sooo that's it for my life hacks! (most of them are beauty hacks but oh well) I hope it helps you all and thank you for spending time to read this, you are all amazing and don't forget to reach and follow me at my instagram: @violawin.23 ! Remember also to visit or take a peek at me and my friends blog ! Once again, thank you and see yaa!


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