Beauty 101: Make-Up Brushes Hygiene!

Hi, beauties<3
Today I'm going to talk about hygiene! (Make-up brushes hygiene)
Make-up brushes are something that we use A LOT when we're putting make up on, but sometimes (or should I say, most of the times) we forget to clean them! When actually, it is VERY VERY important to always remember your make up brushes' hygiene!
You always have to remember when to wash em, because ain't nobody wants a dirty make-up brush?!

Especially if you have a very sensitive skin, and even if you're not, a dirty brushes can cause pimple. acne, breakouts, (etc) to your skin!!
But then again, brushes cleanser if soooo expensive and I think so not worth it!
And you can't just wash your brush using a water! (The dirt will still be there)

A good way to know when the brush is ready to be washed is when it is no longer soft, so-very dirty and of course, if the makeup residue is cake-y and visible.
Sooooo.. here's a tip (and also a hack!)

Instead of buying those expensive brushes cleanser, you can just use baby shampoo!
It cleans your brushes aaand it also soften your makeup brushes! (I mean, baby shampoo.. of course it's soften!)

1. Rinse your brush with warm water. (warm = not hot, and not cold)

2. Put the baby shampoo (not too much!) on the palm of your hand

3. Rub your brushes gently with a circular motion until all the dirt is coming out and you're left with a clean-wet brush.

4. Rinse your brushes again with warm water until it's clean and make sure there are no more baby shampoo on the brushes!

5.  Dry your brushes in a clean towel

That's all for my tips! Remember to clean your brushes! If you have a very sensitive skin, I'd say once a week (if it's not too much) but for normal (not sensitive) skin, I usually twice a month just because I don't use make up very often, but if you do use and wear make up a lot, then you gotta clean them a lot!
I hope you learn something today and thank youu so much for reading, if you have any suggestion you can leave them on the comment below and don't forget to follow my IG @violawin.23 and my snapchat violaaws (if you want to!)
Thank youuu and byee<3


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