BEAUTY 101: Tips on foundation, bb cream, and cc cream!

Hi, hi, hiiiiiiii beautiful peeps!
It's been like FOREVER since I posted my last blog post!
But I am back! So so so so sorryyy for disappearing for sooo long but as you know I was in my senior year so yeahh been pretty busy but now I HAVE OFFICIALLY GRADUATED WOOO HOOOOOOOO! It's so exciting though! I cant believe time flies supaaahh fast<3 I think i will post my graduation pics and story after this? Or I already post it? I DUNNO.
I have LOTS of plans that I want to do since I finally graduated from high school!

Okay, too much talking so imma just go ahead straight to our topic for today!
And for today im going to talk all about foundation, bb cream, cc cream,  and just the difference between them ETC. Just keep on reading (hehe)

Okayyyy! First up, is Foundation.
What is foundation?
Silly question, eh? I'm pretty sure y'all already know what it is, its basically a 'tool' to help you even out your skin tone. And for the consistency it's obviously thicker than bb or cc cream but its a GREAT coverage, most people use it for everyday make up, or for special occasion, it is really up to you and foundation comes with lots of shades. darker shades, lighter shades, natural shades, and so many more!

Next up, BB Cream
BB Cream stands for 'Beauty Balm'  or 'Blemish Balm' Cream. It almost like a tinted moisturizer, BUT it is thicker than tinted moisturizes. BB Cream is lighter than foundation so teenager (mostly in Asia) often like to wear BB Cream on daily basis because it gives a great coverage without being too heavy or thick on your skin and you get that natural-coverage looking face! BB Cream sometimes contains SPF in it but the main key here is antioxidants. Antioxidants protects your skin against damages from pollution. The shades in BB Cream is more limited than Foundation. it often comes with 2-4 shades. If you a type of person who has an oily face, I would reccomend you to use BB Cream that is oil-free and shine-free, and for dry skin find a BB Cream that offers you a dewy glow and have more proportion of skin care ingredients and pigmentation and as I said earlier, it's almost like a moisturizer-ish but it's thicker so it will moisturize you face as well as it gives you a great coverage!

Last but not least is, CC Cream
This is something that not a lot of people use (in my opinion)
but basically CC Cream stands for 'Color Correcting' Cream. And this is the lightest out of all 3 of em! Most CC Cream is very very light and has a very airy texture. The texture behind CC Cream is to even out blotchiness, redness, or hyperpigmentation in the skin while it adds ingredients to calms redness and vitamin C. Some people use CC Cream as a primer before they use foundation, now that is good too because by doing this, you even out your skin tone while adding some gret anti-aging and hydrating benefits. Just apply a small amout of foundation on top of your cc cream and blend it and it will give you a flawless finish that will last longer thoughout the day! Yay! But wearing CC Cream alone with foundantion is also work best because it is a coverage after all! :) 
CC Cream is a great choice for those of you who has oily face because CC Cream is less oily than BB Cream :) 

The question is,
'How to choose foundation/BB Cream?' or 'What shades do I choose that will match my skin tone?'
Answer is, when you go on the store, try it and blend it on your neck! If the shade matches with your neck then it's a great shade for you! If its too light or too dark it will just look not good on your face! So, yeah, remember try it on your neck first to see if the shade actually matches you or not! :)

I think for all skin type, you really need to find what is right for your skin, for example if you have an oily face dont use a foundation/bb/cc that is not oil-free because otherwise your face would look more oily that before, you wanted to find oil-free or matte so it stops your face from producing lots and lots of oil (?) hehe

That is all for my post today, thank you so so so much for reading and I hope it helps you all to find your best shade in foundation/bb cream/cc cream and just to let you know which one is the best for you :) Comment down below if I miss something or I was wrong at some of my points? ehe, let me know in the comment section and again, thank youuuuu <3


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