Review: Nivea 'Make-up Clear' Facial Wash!

Helllooooo beautiful readers<3
So, today i'm going to review a product!! (First time, ehe)
The product is Nivea Make-Up Clear Facial Wash (as you can see in the post title hehe)
I was soo curious and got a bit interested on trying out the product but I still have my old facial wash sooo couldnt buy it.

And then last month I can finallyyy buy itttttttt *yeeey*
And that's why I wanted to review and talk about the product noww :)

A quick disclaimer::::: I am NOT SPONSORED what-so-ever by Nivea, this is pure my opinion, they dont know who I am hehe

So, basically what it is, is that  it's a facial wash + make-up remover!
When I first watch the Ad, I was like "naahhhhhhh, theres nooo way"
BUT, I went to like a super market and buy the facial wash, and oh my my!
They are not fooling you when they said "cleans make up" BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY DOES CLEAN YOUR MAKE UP. Soooo, for those of you who wears simple make up everyday, you can just wash your face with this facial foam!
The Nivea Make-Up Clear comes in many types.
I use the White one, though. The 'White' one comes in facial wash and scrub.

Sooo that is the product that I currently use, and it really really worksss !!! ( I dont care how many times I've said it!)
It smells really gooood and its really soft on your skin, and it removes your make-up and makes your skin feels really soft and light!
Here's the proof:

The one downfall about this product for me though, is that it doesnt really remove eyeliner perfectly (in my experience) but other than that, it really WORKS!
Soooo, this product is 9,5/10 for me!

That is all for my review of this product! I hope you guys like this kind of post <3
I highly recommend you to try it out! I hope it matches with you skin type though hehe
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Thank youuuuuu<3 


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