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Youu guuuuuuyyyssss!!
I have a recipe to share with you all todaaayy!!
And no, i am no expert at cooking or baking whatsoever, i just found this recipe on like pinterest and thought i would give it a try, and after trying it, it actually works!!! and it tasted delicioouuuuus

Soo, pancake!
This is a great breakfast to have plus its very easy to make!
The preparation & cooking them is very easyy!

What you'll need:
♡ 100 gr of all-purpose flour
♡ 250 ml of milk
♡ 1 egg (separate the yolk and the egg white)
♡ Salt (just a tad bit)
♡ Ice cream or chocolate syrup (for toppings, but its up to you)

♡ Put your all-purpose flour in a bowl
♡ Mix your flour with milk, salt, egg yolk, and with mixer (speed: low)
♡ On another bowl, put your egg white and then stir it until it becomes stiff (when egg white becomes stiff the consistency is thick and reallyy whitee), you can use fork or mixer (speed: low)
♡ Pour your flour bowl with the egg white bowl once the egg white is stiff, you can pour it all at once or you can use a method/technique by pouring the flour mixture little by little while mixing them, this method just prevent the egg white to get clot (mix them well!!)
♡ On a pan, put a butter/oil just a little bit and your stove on a really low temperature
♡ Use a soup/vegetables spoon (the one with the reallyy deep cavity) and pour about 2,5 veggie soup (or whatever you want) 
♡ Wait for the edge to become a bit harden/changes colour to a brown-ish, and flip it! so the both side is evenly cooked!
♡ Once the pancake is done, put it on a plate and serve it with ice cream, or whatever toppings you like!

Thank you so much for giving time to read this and comment what else do you think I should post, I'm open to a suggestion! Thank youuu so much and dont forget to catch me on my instagram: @violawin.23 and my snapchat: violaaws ! xo ♡


  1. I want to eat them now! :) If u want to, plz visit my blog :) I will be grateful!

    1. yess girl! it taste amazing! haha :)
      sure thing ;)


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