REVIEW: Maybelline 'Dream Satin Skin' Foundation

Heeeiiiiiii guyss!
Another revieww, yaaay!
So recently I just bought a new foundation, which was maybelline dream satin foundation bcs i am so obsessed with maybelline's products lately!
So, I thought I would give you my reviews on the product, just to let you know and hopefully helps you!

Disclaimer:::: Again, I am not a pro or expert, and not sponsored by maybelline in any kind of ways, all opinions are my own.

The packaging are like that, it has a pump on top and like a cover on the top to cover the pump (If u know what I mean! xD) it has many shades and the one that I currently use the shade B00 like this one
(photo on the bottom of the post)

This foundation is NOT a matte foundation, so it's great for dry or combo skin
But, keep in mind even though it's not a matte foundation, it doesnt make your skin oily or greasy when you use it, and it gives you that natural and dewy look which is really pretty! so in my experience, this foundation is also great for everyday use! But I think that just because my skin type is not-so-oily, so thats why the foundation looks dewy and great instead of oily and greasy.
Anywayy, I think B00 is the lightest shade out of all, because when I was at the store B00 is the lightest that I found and tried.

For me personally, the price is worth it because it works great on my skin

Price: IDR 135.000,00.

I recommend people who has dry skin or combination skin like me to use this, but its really up to you, but when you have an oily face, I think this foundation will make it looks more oily and greasy. Just remember to try the foundation from your neck to your jaw to make sure if its the same shade of your skin or not. 
But I feel like if you're looking for an everyday foundation, this foundation is the one because its VERY LIGHT! I use this foundation for my everyday make-up, and it's great! of course always set your foundation with powder.
The let down for me though, i dont know if its just me, but it kinda melts off my face so it doesnt stay 'flawless' throughout the day, usually if i go out all day it melts off my face a bit at like noon/night.
But I think thats just because i have super oily face especially if i'm outdoor!

Will I re-purchase this product?
Big YAS. I have not found any foundation that is light-weight and great for my face :) This one is great for my face, so yeah!

That's all for my review! I hope it helps you or you learn something from this haha! Thank you for reading, tell me if I miss something or I didnt mention something in the comment section or reach me on my instagram @violawin.23 or my snapchat: violaaws :)
Thank you again for reading and byeeeeee <3


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