Hey everyone!
Today I want to show you my TOP 5 favorite make-up! This is basically an essentials and I love watching this kind of video on youtube so I thought I'd do mine too! (But with 'blog-post' style!)

1. Nyx Lingerie
Sooo.. basically this liquid lipstick is BOMB!
It's not drying at all, beautiful shade, and it lasts literally all day! Holy grail product! If you dont have em, I really recommend you go buy it and try for yourself because I love em! not a big fan of liquid lipstick because I have dry lips and I always thought any liquid lipstick will dry my lips no matter what, but I watch KBaby on youtube (shout out to her because I know this product because I saw her using it all the time) and i decided to try it and yeah, im pretty much obsessed.

2. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm
If you dont know already, I'm a big fan of Maybelline products, I looove them and the quality of their products i think is bomb. And their lip balm is literally sooo moisturizing and pretty, i think it has an SPF in it so yeah great right?!?!? and the lip-stick (stick?) is white but when you use it on your lips it changes color into PINK and it is the prettiest thing EVER. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

3. Revlon Color Burst
This product.... is everything! It is a lip crayon but it is sooo moisturizing, the colour is so pretty, it has a pretty gloss to it, and it smells like mint! I loveeee this one! I got it in pink but I think there are other colours/shades :) It's pretty affordable too, though! And i bought this when it was on sale (feelin supaah lucky!)

4. Maybelline Falsies Mascara
This product.. you know it! Every beauty guru loves it, this is one of the most AMAZING drugstore mascara! if you are blessed with beautiful lashes, you dont even have to curl your lashes, the mascara will do it, it curls your lashes and make it beautiful and just like the name, it makes your lashes soooo on fleek! just like when you use falsies. Go buy this product!!!

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5. L.A Girls Pro Concealer
I was very skeptical about this product, because if you haven't seen my review of L.A Girls' liquid lipstick. (you should btw) I basically hated their liquid lipstick, the formula is sooooo off, its soo not good! So, I was really like... um, not expecting much you know, from this product. But so many people love it, so me being me I was curious and had to try it for myself, and I did not dissapoint! One of the best concealer out there! And, all of L.A Girls' products are soooo affordable! It has great coverage, easy to blend, and it has little brush applicator on it so its very helpful!! This concealer is soo worth to buy!

6. Maybelline 'Brow Drama' Brow Gel
You see.. I was going to make only "5 top fave makeup" but I had to include this baby! Again, it's maybelline! What a surprise! (no, its not a surprise at all, honestly haha) This is the first ever brow gel i tried though, but it is soooo good! It sets my brow and my brows last all daay giiiirl! the brush/applicator is also really cute!! (so sorryyy i forgot to take a picture of the brush! but you can look up to it on google) Recommended for sure!! Maybelline always has the best product ever!! <3

That is all for my TOP 6 FAVE MAKE-UP PRODUCTS! I hope you all have fun reading it haha! And i just hope it helps you what products to buy or just info about the product itself! Comment down in the comment section what is your TOP 6 FAVORITE make-up ????
Would love to know them! Thank youu once again and have a good day!

xo- vio


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