Hiiii beauties!

I cant believe it but its September already?!?!?!? Where did the time go?! Anyway, today I want to share with you my August favorites!

Never done something like this, but I had fun writing it!

So basically, I just wanted to show you my favorite things on August!

This is not just makeup favorites, but also skin care, and just random things, aha! :)

1. Maybelline 'So Nude' by colorsensational

Aaah! Maybelline products! i love this lipstick, it is not matte lipstick but it gives a really natural-nude colour to the lips, and mine is peachy undertone, i think. It's very beautiful for everyday wear! Its been my favorite for a long time now!

I already mentioned this in my previous blog post (my TOP 6 MAKE-UP PRODUCTS), if you haven't seen it... you should totally do ;) so i wont talk too much but basically this lip balm is everything!! It moisturizes your lips and gives such a natural colour to your lips! Love it!

I already did a review post on this baby, and yes it is my favorite because it is lightweight so its great for everyday use, the coverage is not that thick though (maybe because it is lightweight) and its not matte but SATIN finish so it gives your face a really nice, dewy, natural look! And I'm all about natural!

4. Nyx Lingerie )
Again, already talked about this on my top 6 make-up products, just because this liquid lipstick is bomb!! Stays all day, not drying, beautiful color, and totally worth the price! I LOVE IT! The shade that I got is Lace Detail and the pink-ish nude shade is sooooo pretty, i cant.

This make up brushes don't have a brand on it, its not expensive and guess what? ITS AMAZING!! The brushes are really really soft and it comes with 10 brushes, it has foundation brush, contour brush, blush brush, blending brush, tapered brush. its everything!! When I bought this, it comes with white-gold, white-black, black-gold colours but I got the casual white-black colour because i loove the simpleness/simplicity. And it's been my favorite i always use this brush whenever i put on make up!

6. Beauty sponge
This beauty sponge is awesome!!  I think its great dupe for beauty blender, if you dont wanna spend too much money on beauty blender. It blends your foundation, concealer, cream contour just as well, in my opinion (but then again, I've never actually tried the original beauty blender). but its a great dupe and much more cheaper than the original, so if you wanna save money but still have a great blender, i reccomend this one! its my favoriteeee <3

This is the most gentle facial wash I have ever used in my life, for real. I am not exaggerating things, you just gotta try it for your self, even my brother loves it, it cleans deep into your face and it doesnt clog pores so its veeery good for your skin, plus it is for all skin type, so even sensitive skin can use this, it is so gentle and also soap-free, I've been using it for these past month now, and I can finally say that it is my favorite facial wash ever.

8. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion )
Of course i use this moisturizer alongside with the facial wash, this moisturizer is also very good and doesnt clog pores, theres sooo many great reviews about cetaphil products, it is honestly worth the try, it is very moisturizing and whenever I put in pn my face, my face feels like baby's skin... so soft and moist! aha ;) this one is also for all skin type, i think theres another daily moisturizer that has SPF 15 (becuase sadly, as good as this moistuizer is, it doesnt have SPF in it) but if I remember correctly, it is for dry skin, and my face is not dry-skin type so I hesitate on buying it. It's safe to say that this is also my fave of the month, and probably my fave forever!!

9. L'oreal Paris Total Repair Night Essence
This is an essence for hair, so I use it every night before going to bed and I love this because it smells really good and it definitely helps repair my hair and makes my hair more healthy, its just essential ya know <3

I've had this for a long time and I really really love them! I'm a belieber duh, so I had to buy and try this when Justin released em, and I am not disappointed, it smells so good and the packaging are cute because it has justin's pic on it haha! The bottle perfume are so unique also! I loove the bottle design where theres like a little key on them! It's smells so good, aah!

I think this is pretty self-explainatory because Victoria's Secret products is always amazing, but this one I love the most because it smells so... different! It smeells sooo good, and it literally just like love spell, it make me love the product the first time i try it!! it is soooo moisturizing also on my skin, my skin used to be sooo dry but when I started using this, my skin is moisturized. Its been my favorite for so long now, but this is my first montly fave so I decided to just include it in!
12. Victoria's Secret Love Spell' Body Mist )
I also use the body mist together with the body lotion, the body lotion smell itself is so good and strong, but whenever I go out i just like to spray it on my neck, my hands, my clothes, because I loove to smell good! The ingredients are amazing and I am grateful for the founder of Victoria's Secret because the products is sooo amazing!!

13. Candle Lite in Fresh Melon Scent
Aaaah! Candle! Who doesn't love having an aromatherapic candle in their house?!? I bought this recently because it is almost FALL now!!! (YAAASS) and my room smeellss amazing, it smells just like melon and I love melon, and it also just make me so relax, I usually light it up at night while watching movies or TV Show. Its actually light up right now as I'm writing this blog post!! <3 Faaave

14. TV SHOW!!!! Pretty Little Liars, Scream Queens, Once Upon A Time
Who doesn't love to watch TV Show? Here's my favorite:
Duh, who doesn't love PLL? I dont think I should explain anymore, because y'all watch it! It is an awesome show but sadly coming to an end this year #suck #morePLLplease

I looooove fairytale and fantasy and romance so this one definitely on my favorite tv show list, I've been watching this series since I was in junior high (its been almost 6 years now, I believe) and the show is just so good guys!! It have all of your favorite disney character but with plot twist!!!! HA. if you never watch it, watch it for yourself to know ;)

This one is comedy and mysterious and I'm pretty sure all of you know this tv show!! The second season is this month!!!!! sooo excited! This is i think like a SCREAM movies, but watchable since its college edition and theres a comedy and not as scary as SCREAM movies, but there is still blood and murder on the tv show! The creator of this series is, Ryan Murphy, if you dont know he also created Glee (which was one of my favorite also but it already ended, I think last year?). 

Thank you so much for reading my blog!! I had soo much fun writing this post, and I hope you do too :) Feel free to comment down below about any suggestion or anything! :) Don't forget to reach me on my instagram @violawin.23 , thank youuu once again! btw, YAS ITS FINALLY FALL !!! <3 see you on the next post, beautiful!

- xo


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