Hi guys! It's fridaaay! That means new post! So this week's topic is not about beauty, I'm going to talk about organization, how to be organized and motivated. I thought I'd share this with you since its now back to school! :)
Lil bit of a back story, so these past months, I've been really trying to be organized with my activites, and I have to do etc. And let me tell you, how hard it was in the first few weeks! I'm not used to being "scheduled" or organized, I always just "scheduled" things in my head! (and obviously that made me forget a lot of things that needs to be done).
But now, I am more organized and I find some tips that really help me to stay motivated on being organized! I hope this works for you too! :)

(OK this opening paragraph is too long lets just get into the tips)

1. Make a journal (bullet journal)/ planner. Or buy one!
This is the very first step! planner or bullet journal is the first thing you need to have to write down your activities, you can make it yourself on a notebook you already have. I, myself made my own bullet journal because in my city's bookstore/craftstore there's no something like that. If you decided to make them yourself, there are PLENTY of inspiration and ideas on pinterest!

2. Write down lists (every night, before going to bed) of what you have to do the next day.
Also very important, so then the next day you'll know exactly what needs to be done on that day

3. Make your journal/planner colourful/draw on them
This just to make you motivated when you open you journak/planner because you see all of this bright colours. And if you're black and white kind of person, you can still design them black and white and make them look awesome, again theres sooo many ideas from pinterest.

4. Set a goals
Whether you are making a daily journal, weekly journal, or monthly journal, you need to set a goals for yourself! Set a goal of what you want to accomplish that day/week/month and do it! it really helps me to keep on motivated because I know I have a goals that I really really want to accomplish. (Example: be more patient, or lose 10 lbs this week, or exercise more, etc) ;)

5. Write down assignment on a sticky notes
This is just for those of you, who already write their tasks on their planner but still sometimes forget, write what your assignment that needs to be done that week on a sticky notes, write it with a pretty big handwriting so its obvious and use upper case as in a reminder that you really NEED to get them done, and then stick the sticky notes on your wall near your desk of whatever place that you know you will always see, so you don't forget about them again.

6. Find your prioritize
When you are making a "to-do list" or tasks, write it based on your priority, what should be done first? This way, you won't forget your priority because of doing something else that is not really a priority (important).
Example: On your list you write
- Watch movies
- Make cookies
- Physics Homework due tomorrow
It's a no no, what is more important? making cookies or your homework? Definitely your homework, it's your priority. But by writing something first, you are forgetting what you really need to do and waste your time on other things that can be done other time. (& That way you are not really organized, get it? hehe) 

7. Don't be lazy & Keep moving
Okay, believe me I struggle to! But try not to! When you wanna be organized it's important to keep moving and not just sit all day, in that way you get more stuff done and trust me, it feels good once you completed all of your works, because you dont need to rush anything and finish everything on time!

8. Sleep at least 7 or 8 hours
I'm sure you all have heard of this, but sleeping helps too! I remember used to stay awake all  night and in the morning I just felt exhausted and sleepy and lazy and not motivated to do anything. It's helpful to have enough sleep in the next morning, that way when you wake up you don't feel like you're lacking of sleep and it just makes you more productive in the morning :)

9. Listen to a good, catchy, chilly songs while working
I find this also helpful because I am not bored while working, I am entertained by the music! And for my opinion, listen to a catchy, chilly songs, like country music! If you're the type of person who likes rock music, or anything thats fine too! For me personally, I always listen to country music. I listen to Lucy Hale - Road Between album. Soooo good and laid back, ya know? country music is the best.

10. Print out an inspiration quotes or inspiration goals picture
I also use this! I print out pictures that made me feel inspired and I put/hang/stick them on my wall, that way whenever you see them you get motivated :)

**(Bonus tips) Organize and keep your desk/work-space clean
Oh my gosh, I can not tell you how this tip is also so important! Whether you are a student, or worker, or an artist, or a painter, or youtuber, or even blogger like myself, it is very IMPORTANT to keep your work-space c lean. Messy work-space will just make you lazy to do your work (trust me, been there, done that, and it is sooo unmotivating). Soo, remember! Clean work-space!

That is all my tips! So sorry if this is sooo long lol! I just really want to share this with you all, because as a blogger, I really need to be organized on when to post, when to start writing, when to start think of ideas to post, etc. and it really helps me a lot! I hope it helps you too! And after a few months I finally can collect my tips to share with you guys.
Comment down below what you think or if this helps!:) Or just comment anything, I'd love to read and reply to them. Catch me on my IG: @violawin.23

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