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Hiiii beauties, I am back again! I hope you're all have a great week so far! :)
Soo, now I'm going to share with you my brow routine! Aaah, this is the first time I'm doing like a tutorial/routine post, so im so sorry if this post isn't as good as you predicted! but hey, we all learn everday, right?

So, this routine I've been doing actually for a long time now, and I don't really change my brow routine or how I shape them because my facial shape doesn't really "fit" in all of brow shape so I can't shape my brow however I like, I gotta stick to one brow shape and that is the straight brow. yep.

First off, I just brush my brow
This is just to prepare my brow so they look neat and not all over the place! And yes, I know don't have a brow, so when I say I "draw" them.. I mean, I literally draw them. #sadstory

Then, I take my eyebrow pencil and line my top brow

After that, I start filling in my brow
No, I don't line my lower/bottom brow just yet.

Then I brush my brow again so It will look more natural and not so harsh and thick

After I done that, I then line my lower/bottom brow, and I line my top brow again just to really frame my brow

And then I brush them again
I brush my eyebrow a lot lol just because I dont want a harsh eyebrow so if I draw and it look harsh and not natural, I'll brush them

Aaaand, that's it! I am done!
I draw my other brow off camera.
Anyway, I know both of my eyebrow look weird, I don't know why on the camera it looked like that, but in real life it doesn't look that weird though. promise! lol

Remember ladies, brows are sister, not twins. So, its okay if they look different because your left and right side of your face is not symetrical, thats why your brows are also different. Just try to make them look similar, but if it still shows a little bit different, well, then thats okay, as long as it doesnt look sooooooooooooo different than each other.

That's it for my brow routine! Thank you so so so much for continuously reading my blog post, that means a lot <3 I hope you like them as much as I do and don't forget to catch me on my instagram @violawin.23 , and comment down below any suggestion or just random things, ha! thank you again,


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