Hi beauties, I am back with new post as always on friday! Today I wanted to share with you my hair-care routine/how I take care of my hair! My routine is pretty simple and the products that I use is not that many! + I never go to hair-salon to take care of my hair, I do it all by myself at home :)

1. Wash hair 1 times/2 days. 
I don't wash my hair everyday, you shouldn't too. Why? Because you hair produces oil and that natural oil is actually good for your hair. Washing your hair everyday is going to make your hair dry because it is lacking of its natural oil that your hair produce. So, its best to wash your hair 1 times/2 days. (Let's say you wash your hair today, dont wash them again tomorrow, but wash it the day after tomorrow)

2. Use shampoo that is specifically for your hair type. 
Like me, I use the Tresemme 'Deep Repair' that is for dry/damage hair because in the past my hair was soo damage so I needed to treat my hair and repair its damage!

3. Use conditioner everytime you wash your hair. 
So, everytime you wash your hair with shampoo, rinse them and then use conditioner. I use the conditioner for soft and smooth so my hair wont get all rough and its easy for me to brush my hair afterwards. Use conditioner only from the middle part of your hair until the end of your hair, don't use it to the top of your hair because it will make your hair flat.

4. Make sure to use a hair-mask once a week.
But its up to your hair-needs how many time your hair need to be "masked", I do it sometimes twice a week, but most of the times I do it once a week. This is an extra help for your hair to be more healthy, soft, and not damaged. Use it from the top of your hair until the end of your hair and then I like to massage my head while putting the hair mask! Just leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it :) My hair always feels much smoother plus the hair-mask that I use smells really good too!

5. Air-dry or hair-dryer?
Everytime I done shower, for me personally it is best to just let your hair air-dry instead of using hair-dryer, using hair-dryer can damage, frizz, and dry your hair! But of course it is okay to use it once a while especially when you're in rush, but for most of the times its best for your hair if you just let them air-dry.

day-time hair vitamin
night-time hair vitamin
6. Use hair-vitamins!
 Your hair needs vitamin too, it needs vitamin to stay healthy, and soft and the vitamin also really helps your hair to repair its damage. I use a "day-vitamin" so its what I use everytime I done showering, I use it on my hair when its towel-dried/half dry. And then I use "night-vitamin"/essence at night to help repair the damage in my hair. Just like your face, there are day cream and night cream, Hair also have day&night vitamins. But you don't have to use night vitamins for your hair if your hair is not super damaged like my hair used to! Simply use a normal, usual hair vitamin everytime you done shower just for that extra vitamin for your hair.

7. The way you brush your hair. 
Its best to brush your hair from the middle part to the end of the hair and then just work your way slowly to the top of your hair. This prevents split ends!

Alright, that is all for my routine & my tips! I hope my tips help you, your hair is your crown so its really important to take a good care of it! Thank you for keep reading my blog post, don't forget to catch me on my instagram @violawin.23 and see ya next time!


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