Hello beautiful! Welcome back to another new blog post. Can we just embrace the fact that Halloween is in 2 or 3 days?!?!?!?!
Today I'll be sharing a quick and super easy halloween make up ideas for you to rock! This is like a moon-goddess make-up (I dont even know the name, it just looks super cool)
You can pull this make up with a black outfit or spice it up how you like it to look like a moon goddess!


1. I take my black eyeliner pencil and start drawing the moon shape on my forehand and also the little 3 dots on each side of the moon. Then, I fill the moon and the dots with a liquid pen eyeliner & the black eyeliner pencil.

2. I draw my eyebrow using that same black eyeliner pencil (We'll be working with only black eyeliner pencil, black liquid pen eyeliner, and black and grey eyeshadow)

3. And then I start drawing like a contour line in my nose and then draw it to my eyes following the shape of my eyes. (I have no crease/lid so I kinda have to create it my own, but if you have beautiful lid, you can follow your lid or take it higher a bit)

4. Taking the black eyeshadow on my sleek eyeshadow palette, (I also mix it with a grey eyeshadow just so it wouldn't be that harsh black and the grey will kind of just make the black more settle in my opinion but if you only want to use black eyeshadow thats totally fine too!) and start blending it on my crease using like a eyeshadow tapered brush and blending brush, putting it on my lid, on my lower lash line, also blending them down to my nose like in the picture.

5. Blend blend blend!

6. I draw a little U shape on the tip of my nose (as you can see in the picture) and I draw little lashes on my lower lash! Just to make my lower lash look like it has many lashes lol

7. I also draw little dots all over my cheeks and nose, like a freckles using my black eyeliner pencil again and my liquid eyeliner.

8. To complete the look, you can wear black lipstick or a bold red lipstick with it! I didn't wear any because I didn't have a black lipstick, and I want to mainly focus on the face area so in the picture I didn't really use any lipstick.

Voila! You have acheived the look, and now you can go slay with that make-up! Hope you like them and understand them and if you re-create them please do tag me on my instagram @violawin.23 ! Happy halloween, beauties. Go, and slay!


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