Hi! hi! hi, beauties!
I can't guys, why does the time flies supaah fast?!
But anyway, I also can't believe its Fall Season noww! in Indonesia theres no fall or winter, (but it starting to rain now in here, so it gets a lil chilly now) but I bet fall must be real cozy and chill and nice!.
I ramble too much, so I'm just going to show you my favorite things that I have been loving this month! this month favorites mainly about fashion things and not beauty! I just think I also wanna change it up a bit, because I looove loveee fashion!

1. Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Oh my gosh guys!! This palette is freaking amazing!! I purchased it earlier this month and I have been loving it ever since! it is sooo affordable but the quality of the eyeshadow though, amazing! it is super pigmented, the colour are so beautiful! if you haven't, you should totally buy this palette! That's all im gonna say about this, because it is da bombbb! lmao, seriouslyy!! (Anyway, do you want a detail-review on this palette? Comment down below!)

2. Nature Republic 'Wild Berry' Hand Cream
I swear by this product, like, I can not tell you how much I love this product (not exaggerate btw). It smells sooooo good! it's moisturizing, and the packaging is very cute and it is on travel size so its perfect to take on your bag. I always use this, its always on my bag, so whenever I'm out and I feel like my skin is very dry, I just take it out and use this and my skin feels more moist right away!

excuse my tippy toe, ugh, i kno, it bothers me too
3. White Socks
Lol, as simple as the name, this is just a plain white socks, it is almost knee-high but I really love it, its really cute and perfect for this fall season, even though it is not as warming as other socks because the material is soo thin. It looks cute on everything and I usually pair it with my nude/cream boots!

4. Choker
As you know, its supahh "in" now! I'm not one who always wears choker, but whenever I do wears them, both of these are my absolute fave! I have a black plain one but sometimes it's just too boring, ya know?! Plus these chokers are soo comfy, and it doesnt really "choke" me so there's still room for my neck to "breathe" (lol i use " " a lot, sorrryy!) the blue choker is actually a DIY lol so I just took a ribbon and then make it a choker by putting them around my neck and then I just knot it on the back. 

5. Mango room freshener
I dont know what brand it is, but basically it is a mango! (not real mango though) It smells really good guys, it makes my room smells so good and my mom gave this to me also earlier this month and I've been loving em ever since! I think it's going to be my fave this entire year!

6. Knee-high white boots
If you didn't know, I loveeee boots! whether its knee-high or not, I love love boots! I think they're just cute and go well with everything! And this boots, omg I AM LIVING FOR IT! uhm, and the boots actually have my initial on it?!?!? its so comfy to wear even though if you wear it all day it makes you feel tired (or not? probably just me because im not really use to wearing a high heels) just because the boots' heels is sooo high! But i really love it! aahh! <3

7. Lace-up Flat Shoes
Ahhh, I loove anything lace-up, so I reallyyy love this one when I got em! They are just plain maroon flats but I really really like them! They make me feel... cute? lol and they're just (I think) ellegant and simple yet still fashionable and they go with everything I wear!! ughh, you gotta have this! <3

8. Biore Face Cleanser Double Scrub
Last, but definitely not least! This is like a facial foam, but also facial scrub because the texture of it is kind of like a face scrub, so I use this sometimes as a facial scrub or sometimes when I feel like I need extra cleanse to my face, so far this product has been sooo great and that is why its on my favorite list! 

Alright beauties, thank you so so so much for reading this monthly favorites! Let me know what are yours?! Comment down below! Also, I just want to quickly mention that I am SO SORRY that I just post the monthly favorites now! Like, yeah, why Vio? such a slacker! but, not to find excuse or anything, I was sick last thursday until sunday, so I just have a lil extra rest and recovery on monday, thats why I post this soo late bc I cant write and post it while I was sick! (didn't have the energy to) im soooo sorrryy :(
Thank you again for reading, I hope you like them as much as I do! Dont forget to catch me on my instagram @violawin.23!


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