Hi beauties!! Welcome to the new blog post (finally)!
So sorry for not posting last week, because I had been feeling so uninspired.
But, i'm posting now on this friday with another food diary! FINALLY POSTING FOOD DIARY AGAIN! I had done 2 food diary before in the past! (Food diary #1: click here | Food diary #2: click here) And as you know, I looove food! (I mean, who doesn't?! Amaright?!)
Anywaay, let's just jump into it!

MINI PIZZA!! This one's pretty good, you guys! Plus it's so cute☺<3

This one is called "Rice Burger" so instead of using buns, they use rice! (Creative!)

 I don't really recall what they called this, but basically it's an ice cream with some boba, beans, puddings, and in that small yellow bowl is milk!

 This one is just screams to me! It's a cotton candy ice cream! It's sooo cute and aestheticly pleasing!

 This one is a fried ramen, I believe. So it's a spicy ramen noodle! with chicken, sunny side-up egg and seaweed on the side. If you're a spicy lover, this one's totally for you!

 Just a basic mojito, nothin' special! But it sure does taste good!

Ice cream! It's an avocado chocolate ice cream and chocolate-mint ice cream! I love ice creaaam!

 This one is (I forgot the name again, oops) a french fries with chicken-finger (is that what it's called?) the french fries tasted so good!

A classic burger with french fries on the side! It's delicious, though! It has a beef meet, egg, cheese, and some other filling that I don't recall anymore (haha i know how can i forget?!) 

That's all for today's blogpost! Thank you for reading, I hope you're hungry now after reading this ;) (haha jk!) Thank you again for continuing reading my blog post, don't forget to catch me on my instagram @violawin.23 and see ya,


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