Hi, everyone! So today I am back with a new blog post, and for today I want to share with you my daily essentials for 2016. Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner!! I can not tell you how excited I am for christmas! YAS. I'm still very excited about christmas!
Anyway, let's jump into the post!

1. Body mist!
Just because I like to smell good... ehe.

2. My note books!
For when I need to write down ideas, inspiration, and my "personal journal". If I didn't have any note books around, I'd be confused lmao.

3. Lip balm
For my really super, very chapped lips. And as you also know, (I've mentioned it before on my beauty posts) this lip balm gives a very beautiful and natural colour to my lips.

4. Hand Cream
This whenever I'm out at the mall or somewhere and my skin gets dry, I always always bring this and just put it on and it instantly makes my skin feel softer plus it smells good!

5. Hair mist/vitamin
Whenever I feel like my hair is a bit dry, I just spray it all over my hair and it makes my hair better!

6. My glasses & my contact-lenses
 Because I can't see the world without them. (as simple as that)

7. Pen & Pencil
Along with the notebooks, I also need pen and pencil to write on my notebook, because ya know, you can't write on your notebooks without a pencil or a pen..

8. Bible (Alkitab)
I'm a believer in God and I like to read the bible (I try to read them as much everyday though, and no this is not me saying 'I like reading bible therefore I am a saint and I'm perfect' nope, nope, I'm just trying to be better, but I aint a saint or perfect.)

9. Laptop
Of course this is essentials, this is where I write my blog post, where I watch my tv shows, youtube, anime, etc.

10. My phone!
I'm sure phone is all of your daily essential as well, this is where I connect with people, this is where I take my pictures, whether it's my selfie or my blog post picture.

11. My comfy blue sweater.
It's getting pretty cold lately because of rain and that's why I've been really liking to wear a big, comfy, and warm sweater/hoodie.

Yay, that's all my daily essentials 2016! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy making them, and thank you so much for reading my blog post! Stay tune for a new blogpost next friday and don't forget to catch me on my IG: @violawin.23! see ya,


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