Hi, beauties! Welcome to another blog post! Happy late halloween, I hope y'all had a great and safe halloween! Anyway, can we just appreciate the fact that it's November already? Like yo, counting down for christmas begins now! (And also finally it's appropriate to listen to christmas songs, although I listen to it all year long)
Anyway, now I'm going to show you what's in my travel make-up bag! I've been seeing so many people do this so I thought I'd give it a shot!

So here's my travel make up bag!
I have 2 make up bags actually! (lmao) because 1 doesn't fit all of my everyday make up.

So... On to the first make up bag..

So, I have primer & blush. My old missha blush broke and shattered :( so this is the one I use for now until I buy another blush (leave me any good blush recommendation!)

And then my powder and my city color eyeshadow palette

And then my Garnier BB Cream, I recently ran out of the Olay one, so I bought the garnier one to try it out, and it's amaziing! And also my lovely Sleek eye shadow palette!

Next is my brow products, brow gel and 2 brow pencil! My new nyx eyebrow pencil just delivered and I've been loving it!

And then my eyeshadow brush, mascara, and my mini travel concealer

That's all for my first make-up bag! And now to the second one...

So in the second bag is more like a make-up brushes bag! I have a few make-up products on there but most of it are make-up brushes.

I have my powder brush and my beloved beauty blender!

My powder brush again (I know it's actually a foundation brush, but I use it to set my under eye) and 2 my eyeshadow brushes.

And then, my missha eyeliner pen, a white eyeliner, and an eyeshadow brush (I usually use it for highlight)

My smudge eyeshadow brush and an eyelash curler (my holy grail for my lashes!)

Last but not least, this oval blending brush! My mom got it for me recently and I've been loving it guys! The brush is SO SOFT. softest i've ever felt in my life! I didn't put it on my make-up bag when I took the shot but this brush will definitely be in my make-up bag whenever I travel!

Yay! That's it for today's post! I hope y'all love it and enjoy it as much as I love and enjoy making them! Thank you for reading my blog post and don't forget to catch me on my instagram @violawin.23 ! See ya :)


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