Hi, beauties!! It is only a day before 2017!!!!! aaaah, I can't believe it, the year goes by sooo fast. But, I'm very excited to kiss 2016 goodbye and welcome 2017 with the warmest hug. SO, I have a bunch of resolutions and plans for myself this year. A lot happened this year and I don't usually write down my plans/goals/resolutions but I'm ready for a change, a fresh clean start (hopefully)

1. Drink more water
2. Be more patient and humble
3. Never get satisfied too quickly
4. See the good/positive in everything (positive thinking!)
5. Pray and read bible more, building my relationship with God more.
6. Be more confident and comfortable with myself. (Learn to accept my flaws)
7. Love, care, and treat myself better. Focus with myself more.
8. Do not let other people's opinions get the best of me.
9. Stay motivated and creative.
10. Stop being a lazy ass. (lmao)
11. Exercise more!
12. Be more active and create more content on my blog!
13. Be more friendly and not awkward.
14. Go out and socialize more
15. Knowing that I don't need anybody's apptoval/validation of me.
16. Participate in a lot more social events
17. Go and study out of country
18. Make a lot of good, awesome NEW friends.
19. Be more organized
20. Learn to drive
21. Sleep more.
22. Eat healthier food (such as veggies and fruits a lot more)

That's pretty much it for my 2017 new year resolutions/goals. I hope you have an amazing last day of 2016 and an awesome new day of 2017. Thank you for having the time to read my blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 Y'ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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