Hi everyone! Happy friday! So I'm back with a new blog post and it's a montly favorites! I haven't done favorites post in a while just because I dont really have anything new that I purchase in a month and my favorites are pretty much the same.
But I have gathered and bought some new items, whether it's skin care, fashion, and it's my newest obsession!

1. Oval brush
My mom bought this recently and she gave me this brush (well technically, I took it) and it is the best brush ever, the brush itself is very soft, it blends foundation very nicely and it almost replace the beauty sponge in my heart! Worth it! (I mean, I also get it now why everyone who use this brush is literally also obsessed with it!)

2. 'Troll' movie water bottle
When Troll was on cinema, the cinema sold this cute water bottle and I couldn't help but bought them! They're soooo cute and it makes me more motivated to drink water more!

3. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover
I've heard soooo many good things about this product and I had to buy them and try it for myself and I didn't regret it!! It's soo good with removing stubborn eye make-up! Plus it's not oily, I really don't like an oily eye make-up remover, this one makes my face feel fresh and it cleans the make up very nicely.

4. Garnier BB Cream
This stuff is great!! The coverage are great for everyday basis makeup, it's pretty light on the skin plus it has SPF and it (said) that it also helps with acne. So, if you're looking for a great everyday makeup then this one is for you! The downside is it only have one shade, I think it's for asian yellow undertone skintone. But other than that, it's awesome!

5. Johnson's Baby Lotion
This is actually for baby, but I shamelessly bought it and use it and it's very good! Because it's for baby's skin, it's very moisturizing and also smell very good, hehe. I love it!

6. Ripped Jeans
This is actually DIYed and I made this last year lol! But the jeans was a little bit big for me so I didn't wear it much, but lately I've been loving it, I've been rocking it! I wear it a lot! If you want to know how to DIY a ripped jeans on your own (easy & inexpensive) then click here

7. Favorite Verse of the Month.
"God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns." -- Psalms 46:5 (ESV)

That's all for my favorites this month, and as always thank you for reading and I hope you love them as much as I love writing them :) Catch me on IG: @violawin.23 and see ya,


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