Hello, everyone! Happy friday! (Or, whenever you're reading this!) I am here again with a new blog post, and this time i'm going to share with you the things that i bring in my purse/bag, and it's travel editiooon! this is the things that I bring with me whenever I travel somewhere.

This is my bag........
Mini, but convenient!

Here's a peek of what's inside...
 These are the things that I bring when I travel..

1. A wallet
Because you can't go shopping or go eat without money..
2. A portable
Is a must, so my phone is not dying.
3. A hand cream
Uh, this is pretty much very needed. It's my daily essentials, to keep my skin moisturized.
4. An internet thingy
Just because you (i mean, I) need extra internet, even though these days there are wifi everywhere you go.
5. A mini purse/wallet
To keep my earphone, lip balm, gum, and any little things that can easily get lost inside the bag.

That's all the things that I carry with me! Pretty basic and simple things, the other things I just put inside my suitcase. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you like them as much as I love making them, and stay tune next week for a new blogpost (every friday/saturday!) see ya,


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