Hi, beauties!! Sorry for disappearing last week, been busy since last week was Chinese New Year's day so yeaaaa
And since it's now February, (WHAAAAT) and yes time does fly super quickly, it feels like just yesterday we entered 2017. Anyway, since it's now February, I thought I'd show you some of my favorite products throughout the month of January!

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy 
This lip balm is amazing! I used it everyday and I noticed right away that my lips aren't dry anymore! (of course you have to use it everyday and drink plenty of water too!)

2. Cross choker/necklace 
My favorite choker/necklace! I've been wearing it nonstop since January started and i own this choker for a very long time but I never wore them :\ 

3. Johnsons Body Lotion 
Ya know this is my second bottle and I love this body lotion so much because it is for baby so it's very delicate and moisturizing! I use it every night before going to bed and my skin feel super soft!

4. Catrice Contour Palette 
This contour palette is amazing because it also has a highlighter on the palette and what I like about it is that it's not super pigmented so it gives you a nice, subtle, healthy glow and it's perfect for everyday use. And the contour is also very soft so it doesn't look "un-natural" but it's also kind of buildable so you can add more if you want the contour to be more "strong".

5. My new hair 
Lmao sorry for my narcissism! I just love my new hair, I love this change on me since I feel like I'm not the same person I used to be back in 2016 so I got a new hair-cut and hair-style!

6. Original Source 'Coconut & Shea Butter' Body Oil 
This body oil is fantastic! I used it after every bath and it gives me a healthy glow (since its oil) and it's moisturizing plus it smells really good!

7. Catrice Lip Gloss 
Smells like milk and the colour is very pretty! I really recommend this lip gloss! (I have nothing more to say since it's really good)

8. Lang Leav's 'Memory' Poetry book 
I love reading poems and stories and so I bought this poetry book and it's really good!! Some of them are very relatable!

9. Legging
I bought this new legging and oh my, it's so comfortable and i love the colours! Black and grey combined is just everything! And it's not only the colour but the fact that it's so comfy! I always feel like leggings are so uncomfortable and tight but after trying this one, i'm loving it! Definitely will buy more leggings from now on!

10. Beauty sponge
 I bought a new beauty sponge since my old one was ... ruined and can not be used anymore. And this beauty sponge is so much better than my old one!! My old one kind of hard (and I always damp my sponge whenever I want to use em) and this one is just purrfect!

11. Garnier BB Cream 
This BB Cream is bomb, coverage is medium though and it's very light which is why it's perfect because it's great for everyday use! not too heavy for your skin but it still even out your skin tone! I haven't tried other BB Cream but so far this one is great and it's my favorite!

That's it for my monthly favorites this month! So sorry if there's a grammar mistake! Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy making them :) see ya,


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