Hi beauties! Welcome back to my blog! Soo, the other time I was so confuse on what topic should I post because I was having like a "creative" block and so I searched blog post ideas for beauty, and one of the idea is "Tell your readers your high end makeup wish list" and that's brilliant because I have A LOT of high end makeup that  a lot of "beauty gurus" love and use on daily basis and I wish I can buy it or have it (or someone please send me one of this make-up as a gift! hehe jk) but I can't since it's very expensive and I'm broke (haha!)

Here's 8 high end makeup that are in my top wish list:

1. Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer
I want to try this soo bad because a lot of people who use this product said that the product is amazing and its moisturizing and just saying all the great things about this! Plus the ingredient (one of the ingredients) is Coconut Oil (I think since the name) and you know coconut oil is great for moisturizing!

Price: US$44.00 // IDR 587576 (44 x 13354) 

2. Milk Sunshine Skin Tint
First of all I love the packaging!! I think it's so cute. Second, it's like a roll-on so it's very easy to apply on your face (duh!) you just roll it on your face and use a brush or a sponge to blend it in! I really want to try but I can't becaaause there's noone who sells Milk product in my country.

Price: US$42.00 // IDR 560.868

3. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
This concealer is literally blowing everywhere, every beauty channel that I watch and read literally use this and love it so much and even the queens NikkieTutorials and PatrickStarrr and many others beauty queens swear by this product and they say it's one of THE BEST concealer they've used. So that got me really curious about the product but of course with great product comes great price.......

Price: US$24.00 // IDR 349000 (this is the "IDR" price on the official Tarte website)

4. Too faced 'Born This Way' Foundation
This foundation was everywhere too! I think now it's not as popular as it was when it first launched but this foundation got a lot of love! When this foundation first "launched" in the stores I remember watching everybody on the internet just went crazy buying this foundation and used them in every tutorial they made! It got me curious of course, especially knowing that Too Faced always has one of THE best product out there!

Price: US$39.00 // IDR 520.806

5. tarteist Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette
I mean....... come on. This palette is so gorgeous! The colours, the packaging, the quality! A lot of people use this palette and have this palette! I think what really caught my attention is the colour of the eyeshadow. It's simple yet bold. So you can do many looks with it, you can really play with these colors.

Price: US$53.00 // IDR 776.000

6. Mac Fix+ Prep&Prime
A spray for priming and I think you can also use it as a setting spray! How convenient is that? I haven't found a really good setting spray and so I really wanted to try this one since so many people use it and they said it's a really good product!

Price: US$24.00 // IDR 320.496

7. Mac "Velvet Teddy" Lipstick
A lot of people said this is one of the best nude lipstick and everybody literally wears it! I have to admit though, it is a really beautiful nude shade! And who doesn't love a nude lipstick? I sure do.

Price: US$17.00 // IDR 230.000

8. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation
One of the popular foundation out there! It is a favorite, I must say! A lot of people use this one too beside the Too Faced one, it is high on coverage and it is stick so it's very easy to apply and it's not messy for sure.

Price: US$43.00 // IDR 574.222

That's all for my 8 makeup wishlist! I hope you like this post, thank you for reading my blog post and stay tune for next week's post! See ya,


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