A New Gorgeous Shade of Red Lipcream

Hi, beauties!! Welcome to a new blog post:) Happy Friday and I hope you have an amazing day! 
Today is another review, since I recently just bought a new lippy stuff! I've been wanting to get into more bold colors lately, and what a perfect way than a classic red lips! I love the color red but I feel like red lips don't really match me for some reason, but I still want to give the color a try!

So, I bought Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lip Cream and I've been using it and my first impression of it was pretty nice!

So, here's what it looks like...
I love the packaging, first of all, I think it's very unique, you know how most lip creams packaging are in a round tube but this one isn't!!

Here's the swatch...

Okay, moving on to the pros and cons


(+) Very pigmented, the color is honestly gorgeous!!

(+) Smells really good
(+) The price is affordable (compare to other lipcream)
(+) Long-lasting!!
(+) The packaging is unique
(+) It doesn't dry out your lips (very important!)


(-) It takes a while to dry on your lips, as if you have to give it some time to dry before you do something with your lips, when most lipcream usually dry pretty fast on your lips. The first time I didn't know that It'd take a while to dry so I drank and my glass is stained red....... so yeah, just be patient and give it some time to really dry on your lips.


Big YES!

Will I recommend it to a friend?


Alright, that is all for my review on this lipcream! Overall, the lipcream is very nice! I hope this helps you if you're thinking of buying it :) And I hope you enjoy reading my blog post as much as I enjoy making them. Thank you so much for reading my post! And see you in the next blog post. See ya,


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