HI everyone! Welcome back to my blog and to another new post! Hope you have a great day so far if you're watching this in the morning/day time and I hope your day went well today if you're watching this in the evening! Today is another Style Aisle post and I'll be sharing (some of) my favorite accesories! Favorite as in I wear some of this accesories a lot and/or I just love the accesories.
I love accesories. Necklace, bracelet, ring, I think these accesories are so crucial and it adds a spice into your outfit and I feel like (at least) my outfit wouldn't be complete withoout an accesory, at least I have to wear a necklace. hoho.

1. Rhinestone Choker
Okay, first up, this rhinestone choker. This choker is so in style until right now (right?) and I don't know why I just bought them but this choker is absolutely gorgeous and the blings make me happy and they are just so pretty and look pretty on your neck especially when you wear it with like a plain, simple outfit, that makes the choker pop even more.

2. Heart necklace/choker
This accesory can be a choker or necklace depends on how you adjust the strap thingy but it's so beautiful and i feel like it's also simple yet elegant. (You know with the simple black strap and then the "bling" heart) I love to wear this and I pretty much wear this almost everyday.

Honorable mention goes to (r.i.p) my cross necklace, if you didn't know, check my lastest Monthly Favorites post, I mentioned this necklace there and I love this necklace so much but it fell and broke and shattered because the cross material is from a glass-ish. I'm so sad but it still one of my favorite necklace. Too bad I couldn't wear it anymore.

3. Black Thick Bracelet
This bracelet is fave, I have a lot of bracelet but this ones the one I always use, it adds so much to the outfit, plus it's black and I love the gold zipper detail on the bracelet. I've had this since in high school.

4. Fishnet stocking (or black plain stocking, or any stocking)
This fishnet stocking is also so in style right now and I just had to buy it and it really makes your outfit.... better? idk it just adds something to the outfit especially when you wear a ripped jeans or a short. 

5. Small scarf
This scarf is so cute,you can use it as a bandana (like in the 1st pic) or a choker/necklace and it's really cute! I feel like a snow white whenever I use it on my head. Or, you can also tie it on a little loop on your pants. I own a red one because red is ma fave colour. You can pretty much wear it whatever, wherever and however you want.

6. A Ring
Last but definitely not least is a ring! This little guy just adds something to your finger as suppose to just a plain finger, (except if you have a bomb-ass nail in which case I don't lol) and I don't always wear it but when I do, I just feel that my outfit is even more complete.

And that is basically all for my favorite accesories! I still have some accesories that I do wear but some of them are just a plain choker and some of them I wear but not too sure whether it's favorite or not (I know I'm weird). But thank you so much for reading my blog post and stay tune for next week's post! See ya,


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