Hi, beauties! Welcome back (or, welcome if you are new!) to my blog and now I am back with a new post (uhm, obvi) and although coachella is way passed us, I still want to post a festive kind of make-up look because I think it's really fun and it gives me (and you) a chance to play around with make up! I mean, it's make up, right? I think you don't have to wait for a big festival to wear a festive, fun look! This look is actually inspired by Shay Mitchell. I saw her Coachella make-up video on YouTube and she is so gorgeous, honestly!! Go check out her video on YouTube, if you haven't!!

This is the makeup that I did...
i'm terribly sorry that my bangs lookin awful!!

And how I achieved the look is actually simple and easy! (as I'm sure most of you have seen from the picture)

 First, primer! I'm sure you've known by now that priming is a must first step!! You want to make sure that your base is going to last all day, err day! I use the Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser because my face is combination oily so I have a pretty big pores. This primer is really smooth and a lot of people said it's a dupe for Benefit's Porefessional. But, you can use whatever primer that works for your skin!

 And now your base, I use bb cream just because it's lighter, and when you're going out all day (whether you're going on a festival or just using it daily) I find that foundation is so heavy on my skin (even the lightweight foundation ones) so I prefer to wear bb cream and I use Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector this one is my favorite and it has SPF in the formula! I want to try other product but I don't know which make up company has a good bb cream. But again, back to your preference, I personally like to use bb cream, if you want a more coverage base you can use foundation!

 And now we want to conceal and highlight our gucci eye-bags (haha fancy names for those black panda-eyes). I used L.A Girl Pro Conceal to highlight my undereyes, the bridge of my nose and a little bit on my chin and forehead (just because I have bangs so no one will see my forehead anyways)

 SET! SET! SET! You do not want your make-up to melt/crease throughout the day and become cakey and not so-good-looking. I set my face with MIssha's The Style Fitting Wear Cashmere Powder! I also baked under my eyes with this powder because this powder is a little lighter than my actual skin-tone (but it doesn't make me look whiter or anything) so it's great! You don't have to bake but baking is just gonna lock your concealer to make sure they don't crease.

 Now onto the brows! You wanna get that brows on fleeek, girl! Well, I have bangs so nobody will exactly see my eyebrows but still, ya know? I use Sleek's Au De Natural eyeshadow palette and used the black one for my eyebrow!

 Now, to the eyes! i actually primed my eyelid with concealer (I don't own an eye primer), but you can use an actual eye primer if you want, but concealer works great too! I used Catrice's Absolute Rose and then with a blending brush (from the palette) I took the fifth color on the palette as my transition shade and then the darkest color from the palette to darken up my lid and to add depth but just a little bit. 

 Moving on, I took the deep-pink, red-ish color (this is actually a blush lol) with my eyeshadow brush and then I sprayed my eyeshadow brush with a setting spray and pat it on my eyes. (I don't recall the brand of it, I think it's a local brand product)

 Before using falsies, I used mascara first, but most people use falsies and then mascara but it's up to you. I used Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer, and this mascara is not good, but it's not too bad. (OH, ALSO I highlight my inner corner using the shimmery shade in Sleek's Eyeshadow Palette!)

 Now let's "snatch" our cheekbones and jawline! I used Catrice's Prime and Fine Contouring and this product is pretty good! I also use the highlight on the highest point of my cheeks, the highlight on this palette is not intense, it's pretty natural but that's okay because we're gonna be putting glitter on our cheeks later!

And for blush I used the same palette for my eyes, but I mixed the light pink with the deep, more dark pink and it gives a nice blush on my cheek.

Fun part, glitter! So first I just sprayed the place where you put highlight (highest point of my cheeks and the temples of my face) and after I sprayed my face I immediately put the glitter, I use my finger (but make sure they are clean!) but you can use an eyeshadow brush if you'd like!

 Now what's left is the lips! I use PAC matte lipstick (PAC is a local brand here in Indonesia but it's pretty good quality too!) in a pink colour and then I use Catrice Lip gloss on top of it. 

Spray your face with a setting spray for a long lasting face all day!! This setting spray is ok for me, but a lot of people love it! But again, you can use whichever setting spray you want!!

And that concludes this post! I hope you found this helpful or just entertaining and thank you so much for reading my post! I also hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed making it! SLAY THE WORLD WITH YOUR MAKEUP. YOU GO GIRL! And see ya in my next post!

*Products mentioned:
- Missha The Style Fitting Wear Cashmere Powder -
- Pink blush/eyeshadow - Don't know the brand, sorry :(
- Glitter, eyelash glue - Use whichever brand you want, NYX has a great glitter too. I don't know the brand of my glitter.


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