Hi, beauties! Welcome to another Style Aisle! Today I am going to talk and share with you all about my stye icon, someone whose style I love and look up to and take inspiration from and all that. This girl, not only she is my style icon, she is also my beauty icon, idol, long distance best friend (even though we never met lmao), and over-all one of my inspiration!
Who is she you may ask?

She is...
Adelaine Morin!
For those of you who don't know Adelaine, she is a beauty youtuber/guru/vlogger! She makes awesome, creative videos on youtube and her personality literally POPPIN!!! I love her so much!
I've known her for quite some time but just recently really watched her videos and I am instantly hooked! Her style though is so.. me, I guess!

I've been wanting to post a "My Style Icon" kind of post but I never really know who because I guess I haven't found the one who really clicks and when I saw Adelaine's style I just knew right away that this girl's style is my aesthetic and my kind of style!
I guess her style is a comfy, simple, sporty, street kind of style which I like very much and my style is also street-ish, and comfy (I like comfy, and let's be honest, who doesn't?!). But what I also love is that she can be elegant and classy and really breathtaking. (Please watch her vlog or her video)

Her make up is so on point, too! And I love how positive she is, she makes me want to become more positive and more smiley because her positivity, smile, and energy is so contagious! That girl has A LOT of energy, and positivity! Which honestly, is really amazing, and I WISH I KNOW HER AND CAN BE FRIENDS WITH HER ON A PERSONAL LEVEL BUT SHE LIVES IN CANADA/LA AND IM JUST HERE IN INDONESIA. But oh well, I guess someday!


Back to the topic... (ha!) I love how confident she is with herself and her body, I love how she always sees the best in people and she has such a great taste and style! She doesn't scared to show people who she is, she stays true to herself and she just relatable, she doesn't care what people think about her! she has double chin (and loves to show em, which is why i love her! she is so funnyyyy) and it just shows you that it's okay to have a double chin or a body fat, it's totally normal for people to have that! She is literally effortlessly beautiful and stylish. (She's not trying too hard to be something she's not or change who she is) She always gives the best advice in her videos and always wants people to be the best version of themselves. She is one of the sweetest and kind person I know (and watch on YouTube) and you just know when someone is truly a nice person, you can just feel their vibes, ya know? And thats what I get from Adelaine, just pure good vibes.

She probably wouldn't see this lol but if she does, hi Adelaine! ;))) I love you girl, keep being you and don't ever ever change!
And I mean let's just enjoy her beauty and her style that I truly love and adore.
Her style is soooo me!

Anyway, that is for today! So sorry if you get bored reading this but I just want to write a post about her since she is so amazing and I LOVE HER STYLE so much! If you are still reading then, thank you so much!!! DON'T FORGET TO SMILE AT LEAST ONCE TODAY!!! (totally taking inspo from Adelaine)
Stay tune for a new post and see ya!! 

Picture credit to:
IG: +AdelaineMorin and Adelaines Camera Roll's vlogs.


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