aesthetically pleasing lip butter??? (Review: Fernando Cosmetics)

Hi, beauties! Welcome to another blog post!
So a few weeks ago, I was kindly given the sample of a new lip butter to try from Maharis Clinic. Now, if you didn't know and you live in Indonesia (more precisely in Jakarta), Maharis Clinic is a beauty clinic where you can consult about anything skin related! Go check them out if you ever go to Jakarta, or check out their instagram!

The lip butter is under the brand Fernando Cosmetics. Fernando Cosmetics is a local brand created by Maharis Beauty (Maharis Clinic). I've been using this lip butter for a while now and today I'm gonna give you my full honest review!

The packaging is very classy and gorgeous yet simple. It's just beautiful, that's my first impression.

After trying it out, the lip butter is actually pretty good. It does moisturizes your lips nicely, plus it's obviously better than regular lip balm. I asked my mom to try it since she doesn't has a crazy dry lips and she said this product moisturized her lips well.

Moving on to the pros and cons


(+) The packaging is aesthetically pleasing (ho ho ho)
(+) It's in a "lipstick" kind of packaging (I don't know how to describe it, just look at the picture and you'll understand)  so it's pretty sanitary because you don't have to dip your finger inside to get the product
(+) Moisturizing pretty well (if you don't have a really dry lips like mine)
(+) It smells really, really good. Smells like vanilla.
(+) It goes on like butter on your lips

(-) The moisture of this lip butter is not heavy, so it doesn't give enough moisture for a really dry and chapped lips like me.

This lip butter is great, but for a really dry lips like myself, again, the moisture of this lip butter is not enough. When I try this and put this on my lips, my lips were moisturized for sure, but it didn't last that long because my lips were sreaming "more moisture please" because again, it doesn't have a heavy moisture. My lips need something that has thick heavy consistency. Even though this lip butter does go on like butter on the lips. 
BUT, if you don't have a super dry lips and you want a good lip butter to make your lips more moisturized, I'd 100% definitely recommend this lip butter!

Overall, great product Fernando Cosmetics. Keep it up! Maybe step up the formula of the lip butter to be more moisturizing for someone who has a more dry and chapped lips like me.

Yes and no. Maybe I will once my lips is not so dry. But for now, my lips need more heavier moisture.

Will I recommend this to a friend?
Yes, absolutely, because this product is great.

Alright, that is all for my review! I hope you enjoy this review post and go check out Fernando Cosmetics instagram @fernandocosmetics and Maharis Clinic! And I hope this review helps you if you're considering of buying the lip product but you're not quite sure yet. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. Stick around and I'll see ya in the next post!

Stay moisturized,


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