Summer is here, it's the season to go to the beach, eating ice cream, and where the weather is definitely warmer.. if not, hotter. While all you wanna do in winter is bundled-up, in summer it's more hot and you get more sweaty so it's definitely time to take off some layers from your outfit. With the help from some of my girl friends,  I'm going to show you how to still look stylish and cute even though maybe you're sweating all day.

Some survival tips:

Bring some kind of mini portable fan if you want, i'm sure you can find a mini fan anywhere. And if you wear make up, and you're all sweating, and oily, it's best to use a blotting paper/oil control sheets instead of tissue because blotting paper doesn't take off your make-up whereas tissue does. And oh, bring powder! Powder is your best friend, because powder actually also absorbs oil on your face.
Please, please, use SPF. Use it on your face, hands, legs, and anywhere else where you skin is exposed to the sun. Sun-burn ain't fun. I know most people are sometimes so lazy, but it literally takes 5 minutes to put on SPF and it will help you from getting sun-burn. Sun-burn is not good for your skin, you gotta love and protect your skin. Biore SPF is very good because you can use it on your face, hands, legs, and it absorbs quickly, and it's small so you can put it on your purse as well. (I did a review on Biore's SPF! click here to see)

I hope you get some inspiration from this outfits, enjoy your summer break and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy making them. (Oh, and I hope the survival tips also help you!) Thank you so so much, don't forget to connect with me through instagram and twitter.

Stay cool,


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