How are you all doing? I hope all well! I feel like I rarely do a make-up post, I only did 2 make-up post, so today I'm going to share and show you my make-up! I am not an expert but I loove make-up and  I love to read and watch people's make-up because you can easily learn a lot about make-up just by watching someone do their make up.

I did a red-ish brown eye look with winged liner. (Lol it took me just now to write about this)

For the face, I just applied orange color corrector for the darkness on my face, foundation, concealer, powder, and I just lightly contoured my cheeks and putting blush on the apples of my cheeks and also highlight on the highest points of my cheeks and on the tip of my nose. You know all that jazz.

For my eyebrow, y'all know I've been rambling about this product, it's the NYX Eyebrow Define&Highlight, It's my new favorite eyebrow pencil! I used it to shape my brows because you know... I have no brows. (And if you want to know how I do my brows just click here)

Now for the eyes, I just used concealer as an eyeshadow base/primer and it just worked as good as an eyeshadow primer in my opinion. I used my City Color PoolSide Eyeshadow Palette and I'm taking the dark brown and putting it on my non-existance crease to create my own, ya now? The reason why I used the dark brown instead of the light brown is because this palette is not as pigmented so the dark brown look like a light brown on my eyes. And for more depth, I used the dark brown on my Sleek Eyeshadow Palette. For my lid I used the red-shimmery colour o the city color palette that I really like! 
After the eyeshadow is done, I just drew a winged liner and then I put on a falsies.
For my lips, I just use The Face Shop Lip Tint for a more natural looking lips.

And that's the look! I really like this look, it's simple but pretty and I was feeling myself when I was on this make-up. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy making them! Tthank you so so much for continuing reading my post and don't forget to connect with me on IG @byviolawin or twitter @VIOLAWIN_ 

Stay lovely,


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