If you look at these famous "beauty guru(s)", one thing they all have in common is their make-up collection. They have a bunch of make-up from different companies, and they really like to paint on their faces and transfrom themselves. That is great, I do that too, so I don't mean this in a bad way, but not a lot of people like that "artsy" kind of makeup, and if you are a beginner at makeup, you actually don't need that much of products.

photo credit goes to: DaLauroreBeaute

The makeup products you'll need for an easy, simple makeup:

1. BB Cream/CC Cream
depends on your preferance. BB Cream is lighter than foundation, so it's a great base for an easy, light look but BB cream also even out your skin tone and giving you a nice glow. CC Cream is even lighter and people often use it as a primer or if you have a dull skin, CC Cream will help make your face appears lighter.

2. Powder
Whatever powder you want, the point is just to set your base, so it doesn't crease throughout the day.

3. Blush/bronzer/highlight palette
Instead of getting like a single bronzer, and blush, you can just actually buy a palette that has a blush, bronzer, and also highlighter on it! Elf has one of the best blush and bronzer palette. Use blush/bronzer to add some colour and/or dimention to the face.And highlight of course for that healthy glow to the face.

4. Eyebrow
Cause everyday must be a good eyebrow day, right? That eyebrows have to be on "fleek" all day!

5. Mascara
If you have a beautiful lashes, using mascara will transform your whole look instantly! Your eyes will look bigger and more beautiful! (Of course for someone who has short lashes like me, using mascara on my lashes does nothing.)

6. Setting Spray
Set that make-up so it will last all day and won't crease! Depend on what kind of look you're going for, matte or dewy face, because a lot of companies have a setting spray for a dewy face or a setting spray that will mattify your look.

Easy and simple as pie, right? The point is really just to have fun on putting the makeup on your face. I hope you enjoy this post, stay tune for next week's blogpost! Thank you so much for reading!

Stay on fleek,


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