Yes, you can have a bunch of crazy, stylish piece of clothes but I think these piece of clothing I'm about to show you is the most important. They're essentials! Why? Because you can never go wrong with them. Pair em with anything, and you'd still look effotlessly stylish and over-all gewd! (read; good)

1. Basic white tee
I can't even tell you how essential this is? This tee literally goes with everything, anything, whenever, wherever. Just, buy yourself one basic plain white tee if you don't have one yet.

2. Basic black tee
Uhm, okay, this one is just the same as the basic white one, it's essential because it's simple yet it's black so it has a classic yet grunge/dark feel to it.

3. Basic black pants/jeans
Because you can never go wrong with a black denim pants/jeans! You can pair this with anything, it will look good and because it's black, it can create an illusion of a longer legs!

4. Bomber/biker-ish jacket
To add that extra-still-effortless-touch to your outfit. You never go wrong with this.

5. Basic denim short
It's... It's just essential and you'll need it, kay? lol. If you live in a hot weather country like my country, then girl, you need this not only will this make your outfit look cute, you'll feel so comfy and pretty chill all day.

6. A long t-shirt/t-shirt dress
T-shirt dress is pretty trendy right now, and I feel like having one whether it's a plain t-shirt dress or it has a quote/pattern like mine is also an essential because it's so easy especially on a lazy day where you just wanna be comfy but look good, throw this on and there you go.

7. A sweater/hoodie
You never know when the weather suddenly want to change itself from hot to cold and cold to hot and it's essential to have a hoodie on your wardrobe and it can be anything, just throw it on when the weather's cold and you'll feel super cozy BUT still be looking good cause just because hoodie/sweater is comfy doesn't mean it can't be stylish.

8. A Converse/Sneakers
This baby literally goes with any outfit even with everyday dresses! You instantly look cooler yet still feel comfortable all day!

Thank you so much for reading my post beauties! I hope you enjoy them, I try to be as creative (I guess) and try to upload as much as I can now that I've finished my midterm! Hopefully I get a good grades this semester! Anyway, stay tune for the new post! Don't forget to follow my instagram @beautyinline for any updates!

Stay classic,


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