I had the pleasure to join the Makeup Workshop sponsored/created by NYX in Surabaya last Saturday. It was my first time joining a beauty workshop and I was so excited especially because it was NYX's event and I love NYX's products.

The make up workshop's speaker was Miranda Lauryn. I didn't know who she was at first, but apparently she is one of the biggest make-up artist/drag queen in Indonesia. And I mean, her make up was on point and flawless! She slayed.

my really simple outfit of the day ft. the restroom :))
This is the look I came up with. Ehe. Basic as heck.

After the event, they gave us a goodie bag which I was really excited about, cause that means free make-up! hohoho (Even though technically I paid a fee/tuition to join the event)
 Oh, I also got a ceritificate but they didn't write down all of the participants' names on the certificate. why, you ask? nobody knew.

Here's what in the goodie bag, 4 amazing products from NYX. I especially fangirled over the butter gloss! I've been wanting them for so long and now I have em! (Again, thank you NYX Cosmetics!)

Thank you so much for reading my blog post babes! I hope you enjoy reading this post, sorry for the delay of the post! I'm still growing and learning everyday about fashion, beauty, and still trying so many new things and experience new stuff! If you're new, hi! I hope you stick around and maybe we can grow together! (I'm cheesy I know :)) ) Stay tune for the next post, and follow my instagram @beautyinline for updates!

Stay brave,


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